Giving You Something to Smile About

With all the chaos filling our social media pages, TV screens and favourite radio segments DStv and GOtv are packed with content to turn that frown upside down. Everyone needs to break a smile once in a while, and with today being April Fool’s Day, here is some chuckle-worthy entertainment to have you laugh-out-loud.

Impractical Jokers

Four lifelong friends are the self-proclaimed kings of pranking. But this doesn’t come without its own set of consequences. As they set out to embarrass one another to the maximum effect, the loser must face a punishment of epic proportions should he fail to complete the prank. Catch the next episode at 10:10 CAT on Comedy Central, DStv Channel 122.

Mizigo Express

Admit it, we all revel in a little bit of drama! Mizigo Express is a miniseries about a landlord, Kabogozza, and the ridiculous lives of his tenants. It depicts the differences and similarities in stature and the different relationships of all the people living at Mizigo. With so many personalities, our dear landlord truly has his hands full. Watch as the chaos ensues at 20:00 CAT on Pearl Magic, GOtv Channel 8 and DStv Channel 158.

Kids Say the Darndest Things with Tiffany Haddish

Originally hosted by Bill Cosby, the revived series features TV personality Tiffany Haddish. In this special holiday episode, she sits down to chat to kids about their favourite holiday traditions. The hilariously honest responses will have you in stiches. Saddle in to find out who got unto the naughty and the nice lists at 14:30 CAT on 1Magic, DStv Channel 103.

Everybody Hates Chris

Take a trip down memory lane to Brooklyn and see where it all started for the legendary comedian, Chris Rock. Filled with outrageous experiences, this heart-warming series captures his painfully funny teenage years. Experience all the hilarity at 18:00 CAT on Vuzu, DStv Channel 116.


We love home-grown entertainment, but what really sweetens the pot is the star-studded African cast. Five urban queens, despite their different personalities and lifestyles, navigate through the complexity of love, personal struggles and friendship in a uniquely comical way that will leave you tuning in episode after episode. Catch a glimpse of these ladies’ crazy lives on 19:30 EAT on Maisha Magic East,  DStv Channel 158.

As Africans, we appreciate humour and are prone to pull the odd prank on our loved ones – heck, we bet you already have! Stay safe, stay indoors and continue to tickle your funny bone with great entertainment on DStv and GOtv.

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