ESPN 30 for 30 documentaries

SuperSport viewers on DStv, in the absence of live sport, will be able to get their fill of sportinhg drama and intrigue as their 'Channel of Champions' features the highly regarded ESPN 30 for 30 series. 

These superbly-produced sporting documentaries cover a wide range of topics and bring SuperSport viewers the human story behind some of the most intriguing sporting achievements, particularly in American culture.

The first 30 for 30 film to look out for is ' Winning Time: Reggie Miller v The New York Knicks' on Wednesday 22 April. This film explores the rivalry between the Indiana Pacers and New York as seen through the eyes and actions of Reggie Miller, star player of the Indiana Pacers.

Sunday 26 April brings 'Deion's Double Play', the story of how Deion Sanders played an NFL game for the Atlanta Falcons in between two MLB games for the Atlanta Braves in a twenty-four hour window.

Monday 27 April brings a sequence of 30 for 30 documentaries for viewers on SuperSport Maximo 2 to 'binge' watch, starting with 'Playing for the Mob', a film which tells the story of how mobster Henry Hill –  played by Ray Liotta in the 1990 Martin Scorsese classic 'Goodfellas' – helped orchestrate the fixing of Boston College basketball games in the 1978-79 season.

"I practically fell off my chair when I learned that the 'Goodfella' Henry Hill was the same guy I had read about in Sports Illustrated and that he was behind the BC point-shaving scandal. Were Hill and Sweeney in on this point-shaving thing together? Could big-time mobsters be involved too? It seemed incomprehensible," said director Joe Lavine.

The day's 30 for 30 menu also includes 'Bad Boys' (a look at the Detroit Pistons of the late 1980s and early 1990s, a team everyone loved to hate), 'June 17th 1994' (noteworthy sporting events which ouccred during the police chase of O.J. Simpson), 'Of Miracles and Men' (the story of the 'Miracle on Ice' when American college athletes stunned the Soviet national team at the 1980 Winter Olympics) and 'Into the Wind' (which chronicles the story of Terry Fox, an amputee with cancer, attempting to run across Canada for cancer awareness).

Tuesday 28 April features 'Once Brothers', the chronicle of the relationship between Vlade Divac and Drazen Petrovic, two basketball players whose bond was broken by the Yugoslavian civil war; and 'No Mas', which dives deeper into the unforgettable boxing rematch between Sugar Ray Leonard and Roberto Duran in November 1980. 

"I always wanted to know why Robert Duran – a fighter with so much power, so much talent, and so much experience – would stun the world by uttering those two fateful words in the ring against Sugar Ray Leonard in 1980. It was so antithetical to everything Duran represented – his machismo, his meanness, his toughness. Was it frustration? A fix? Or something else?" said director Eric Drath.

Thursday 30 April sees another 'binge' of 30 for 30 documentaries on SuperSport 5, featuring films such as 'Tim Richmond: To The Limit' (the fascinating story of stock car racer Tim Richmond, who died of AIDS in the summer of 1989 ), 'The Legend of Jimmy the Greek' (the story of Jimmy Snyder, who rose to fame as an analyst for 'The NFL Today' but his remarks about black football players ended his career in disgrace) and 'Guru of Go' (a look at head coach Paul Westhead, who won a championship with the Los Angeles Lakers before being run out of town due to Magic Johnson).

Saturday and Sunday 2-3 May see further installments of the 30 for 30 series, featuring 'I Hate Christian Laettner' (a look at the love/hate relationship with the Duke player, narrated by Rob Lowe), 'Ghosts of Ole Miss' (the tale of James Meredith, the University of Mississippi's unbeaten football season and the civil rights movement in America), 'Rand University' (tracing wide receiver Randy Moss's incredible journey from isolated Rand, West Virginia, to the top of the NFL) and 'The Band That Wouldn't Die' (the story of the overnight relocation of the Baltimore Colts to the city of Indianapolis). 

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ESPN 30 for 30 documentaries – Broadcast details, 22 April – 3 May

Wednesday 22 April

12:15: Winning Time: Reggie Miller v The New York KnicksSuperSport 5

Sunday 26 April

13:10: Deion's Double Play – SuperSport Maximo 2

Monday 27 April

09:40: Playing for the Mob – SuperSport Maximo 2

15:15: Bad Boys – SuperSport Maximo 2

17:00: June 17th 1994 – SuperSport Maximo 2

20:20: Of Miracles and Men – SuperSport Maximo 2

21:30: Into the Wind – SuperSport Maximo 2

Tuesday 28 April

14:50: Once Brothers – SuperSport Maximo 2

17:15: No Mas – SuperSport Maximo 2

Thursday 30 April

11:20: Silly Little Game – SuperSport 5

12:20: Four Days in October – SuperSport 5

13:20: Tim Richmond: To The Limit – SuperSport 5

14:20: Run Ricky, Run – SuperSport 5

15:20: Broke – SuperSport 5

16:40: The Legend of Jimmy the Greek – SuperSport 5

17:40: Small Potatoes: Who Killed the USFL? – SuperSport 5

18:40: The Gospel According to MAC – SuperSport 5

20:30: Requiem for the Big East – SuperSport 5

22:15: Guru of Go – SuperSport 5

Saturday 2 May

15:30: Free Spirits – SuperSport 12

16:30: I Hate Christian Laettner – SuperSport 12

23:00: Mike and the Mad Dog – SuperSport 12

Sunday 3 May

15:30: Mack Wrestles – SuperSport 12

15:55: Ghosts of Ole Miss – SuperSport 12

16:55: Rand University – SuperSport 12

17:55: The Band That Wouldn't Die – SuperSport 12