When Beauty Meets Talent

Television presenter and actress Mwaka Mugala is one force to be reckoned with. She is not only extremely talented but she is a creative at heart. Her love for the arts is evident in her amazing performance as Zuba in Zambia’s first ever Telenovela, Zuba.

Zuba is a popular Telenovela about an innocent, rural teenage girl who has to leave her family & education behind to do a maid’s job with a complex, wealthy urban family where she falls for the young son of the house. Zuba is currently in its second season and with every episode, the drama continues to unfold at the Sosala household. Zuba is known for her quiet and subtle nature, which is not too far off from Mwaka. Mwaka, just like her character Zuba is a very down to earth, quiet and at times shy person.

There is more to Mwaka than meets the eye. She is not just an actress, but an all-round creative in visual and performing arts. If she is not in front of the camera or on stage, you will find her cooking up a storm in the kitchen or painting, proving that she is a multi-talented beauty.

With some of her fans having described her as an amazing, beautiful, unique and perfect actress, it is evident that she has made her mark in the entertainment industry. We look forward to seeing her grow and gracing our screens with her amazing talent.

You can catch the exhilarating second season of Zuba every Monday-Thursday at 20:00, channel 160.