Top 5 movie classics to watch on DStv

One of the best ways to watch movies is with the people you love and as the year winds down, these are some of the precious moments… curling up on the couch with family in front of a good flick.

However, the question ‘what to watch?’ is not always easy to navigate – especially with several different people in the room. The best way to settle this discussion is to bring out the classics – those movies that are loved by the young and old.

We’ve combed through the archives to find you the best classics to binge-watch this month. You’ll definitely want to add them to your bucket list now:

1. 101 Dalmatians

Monday, 09 December at 19:00 CAT on M-Net Movies Smile 

Who says kids’ movies are just for kids? This timeless, enduring Disney movie classic is for four-legged friend lovers of all ages. The memorable Cruella Deville, adorable puppies and enthralling story is a great feel-good option for nights when the little ones are watching, but you want to put on something the adults will also find fun.

2.The Lost World: Jurassic Park 

Saturday, 14 December at 18:00 CAT on Studio Universal

Go back in time with the sequel to Stephen Spielberg’s cult classic Jurassic Park. When two teams with different ulterior motives go back to the infamous Jurassic Park site, you get an edge-of-your-seat dinosaur adventure that will appeal to movie watchers of all ages and keep the popcorn coming.

3. School of Rock

Saturday, 15 December at 18:00 CAT on Studio Universal 

The best thing about movies is how you can escape reality and travel to different scenarios and time without ever leaving the couch. That is certainly true when it comes to Jack Black’s School of Rock, which transports every teenager into a world of school, mixed with fun. In this music-comedy, Dewey Finn disguises himself as a substitute teacher at an uptight private school, only to try and turn them into a winning rock band.

4. Romeo Must Die

Sunday, 15 December at 20:00 CAT on M-Net Movies Zone 

Martial arts, mob violence and forbidden love all combine in the pulse-racing action movie starring the amazing fighting machine that is Jet Li and 90’s icon that was, the tragically departed Aaliyah. If you’re in the mood for roundhouse kicks, you’ve come to the right place.

5. Space Jam

Monday, 30 December at 09:35 CAT on M-Net Movies Zone 

Only 90’s kids will truly understand the genius of this one. Featuring the distinctive mixed animation and real actors of famous 90s movies like Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Space Jam brings all your favourite classic Looney Tunes characters together… and puts them on a basketball court. With aliens. If that sounds like fun, that’s because it is.

Whatever you fancy, it all comes together – and so does the family with a great classic movie.

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