Pearl Magic Brings All The Drama

If you are a lover of all things drama and telenovela's then we have it all for you this July.


Monday – Friday @ 6 . 30 pm 

 Mr. Kasalikofathers several children from different mothers. He later abandons all his wives and settles with a young girl who had previously been a house maid to one of his wives. Rita the youngest daughter launches war against their father's lover. Things get worse when Kasaliko’s children tries killing each other, and Kasalikodiscovers that the new wife is actually his daughter. 

 The Honourablez

Wed & Thurs @ 7 . 30 pm 

 The series focuses on fictional lives of six bar tenders and their boss. They work at the Honourablez bar and restaurant, an evening gateway for politicians mainly members of parliament past and present who hold political debates and gossip there as they soothe their throats with a variety of foods and drinks.

 Half London

Thursday @ 8.00pm

A story set in a ghetto called Half London. Three dwellers find themselves in a similar situation since they all running away from their past lives.

Mistakes Girls Do

Monday - Wednesday @ 8.30pm 

The drama takes us through the life of girls, the mistakes they make , the challenges, the emotions, the life, tears, drama and complexity of life long after the beauty fades.