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Crossed The Line

Genre: Action, Crime

Friday 15 November at 21:00 on 1Magic

Lines are drawn in this crime film. A crime boss wants to use a woman's flower shop as a front of his drug trade. But when he crosses the line she and her siblings fight back. Starring Ice-T and Caryn Ward.


Genre: Action, Thriller

Sunday 17 November at 21:00 on M-Net

The frightening final instalment to this M. Night Shyamalan trilogy sees David Dunn using his supernatural abilities to track down a dangerous man with 24 personalities. Starring James McAvoy, Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson.

Running with the Devil

Genre: Crime, Thriller

Sunday 17 November at 22:20 M-Net Premiere

Nicolas Cage and Laurence Fishburne gamble with death in this crime thriller. When a cartel's shipments of cocaine arrive light, the kingpin sends his henchmen to investigate.

Status Update

Genre: Comedy, Fantasy

Monday 18 November at 20:00 on M-Net Movies Premiere

A teenager makes a remarkable discovery: a magical application that makes his social media updates come true.