New Kids on the Block

There are new kids on the block, and they have made their mark on Zambezi Magic every Monday at 19:30. Pages is a college themed drama that is guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat. Be enthralled as Zambezi Magic keeps living up to its standard of telling authentic stories in the best way possible. Monday nights have gotten even more exciting as Pages takes you through the journey of 5 young college students who have to deal with many of life’s challenges.

Catch all the drama unfold and find out how Jericho will deal with his girlfriend spending the night at a lecturer's house. With Jericho wanting to confront the lecturer, will things get ugly?

As if matters couldn’t get any more complicated for Jericho he is surprised by his new principal, who happens to be someone he has a terrible past with, while Thabo finds out that his long-time university girlfriend (Zara) is pregnant with his child.

WATCH to see how the drama unfolds!