Natasha Drops Pearls of Wisdom

Natasha Van Der Maas is one vibrant woman. She is both a business woman and dashing TV presenter, but she is famously known as the host of Zathu, a fast paced magazine show that explores arts, culture and lifestyle.

Ever wondered how she managed to be so successful and great at what she does? Well wonder no more as we share her tips to success and making it in the entertainment industry.

Always be yourself and authentic, no one likes a copy and paste personality.

Enjoy what you do. When you have fun doing what you do it will show and your audience will relate easily to you.

It is great to be inspired by people around you but don’t try to be like them.

Always be comfortable in your own skin. Confidence is a beautiful and dynamic trait to possess.

Always be kind to your fans and try to engage with them as much as possible.

Be organized, professional and always be punctual for any event or appearance you are booked for.

It is okay to feel the nerves before a shoot or performance, but never let the fear overcome you.

Don’t box or limit yourself to one thing. Be versatile and unafraid to try out new things.

Stay determined and focused and be firm in what it is that you want.

Be thorough about what type of brand you want to associate with and study the industry you want to be in.

Be prepared to work hard!

Always surround yourself with genuine people who are a great support system.

You can catch Natasha on Zathu, every Saturday at 19:00 and be entertained as she showcases and highlights the best parts of Zambia.