Give the remote control a night off with remote viewing

The 21st century has been great for lovers of entertainment. Not too long ago, the whole family had to gather around a box to watch something together – and if you didn’t want to watch what was on offer or what everyone else was watching, too bad.

With the digital age, it’s a whole new world of viewing pleasure on your terms. Consumption of sports, series and movies is no longer linear like it was in the past, hence we’ve rounded up the three best reasons to make sure you get on the remote viewing revolution – and how to do so:

Beat the commuting blues

Because you can watch DStv shows and movies anywhere, thanks to a few clever Apps, you can make previously unpleasant spaces enjoyable. Like the morning traffic jam or the commute in a taxi to work. And when you go on holiday at the end of the year, you can rest easy knowing you can still catch up on your favourite shows – anywhere in the country or world. 

Minimise family tension

Picture yourself getting home from a long day, looking forward to unwinding in front of your favourite series binge – the prize at the end that kept you going the past few hours. You put your feet up – only to be notified that the kids or significant other are watching some other show already. This is more reason to upgrade. As a premium subscriber, you can maintain your sanity, peace in the family while keeping up with your viewing pleasure at the same time. If you’re watching on different devices, you can have multiple people in the house catching up with their favourites on the same account, at the same time.

Don’t let load shedding get you down

Remote viewing is great for everyone, but it’s especially great for those of us who are not strangers to power outages. Don’t be in the dark about your favourite shows – you can still watch DStv and ShowMax even with no power! With the DStv Now App, you can download your favourite shows and movies before the lights go out, then keep yourself happily entertained during the outage.

How to get remote viewing right

There are a few super easy ways to watch sport, series and the silver screen from anywhere:

Make sure you’re registered for DStv Now.

Download the DStv Now App for Apple or Android to your device, then simply search for and download whatever you want to watch.

Movie lover? Upgrade your DStv account using the MyDStv App, WhatsApp* or to get the very latest movie releases online or on your PVR or Explora for just R35 per month. Then, all you need to do is register.

Want both the best movies and series? As a DStv viewer, you can add ShowMax to your DStv account – whether you’re new to ShowMax or not – for up to five different devices for the whole family to watch! Simply sign up or log in to ShowMax, enter your ID number and phone number and follow the prompts to be hooked up within minutes.

Download the MyDStv App or add DStv to your WhatsApp contacts to enjoy your favourite shows without any interruptions. Account payments, clearing of errors, renting of box office movies can be done through these self-service platforms. Simple and easy ways to stay connected to DStv Now.

With these kinds of options out there, it really pays to be a DStv premium subscriber, so consider upping your game now. The only thing for you to decide is what to watch first.