Binge On All Your Favourite Telenovela's

Fire & Ice

Manohar hires a wedding planner who turns out to be Kunj’s girlfriend, Alisha. It turns out that Alisha has a hidden agenda. Manohar gets a DVD that contains evidence against Twinkle. Yuvraj finally reveals his true intentions and it turns out he had a hidden agenda all along. Twinkle's formal engagement to Kunj takes place.Usha makes it clear that she is against the marriage and that she doesn't like Twinkle. Babli reads a message meant for Twinkle and gets trapped in a very dangerous scenario.

Kindred Hearts

This month on Kindred Hearts, Madhu is hurt when she hears Surbhi compare her to Nisha. Jhanvi finds out about Nisha’s plan. Will Aditya be able to show his family Nisha’s true colours? Dharmesh is against Aditya’s decision to divorce Nisha. Nisha uses Jhanvi’s weakness to get her out of the house. Aditya is a step ahead as he destroys Nisha’s plan. Dharmesh is adamant about Nisha’s innocence. Sharda sympathizes with Jhanvi as she tries her best to reveal the truth. 

The Heir 

This month on The Heir, Deena puts Amba in a very difficult position where she has to choose between Manu and Simran. Mr. Bansal informs Jagan about the land documents he acquired. Raman comes to the Pawania house disguised as a jewellery vendor. Raj and Manu's friendship begins to blossom. Deena orders Chandar to burn Simran's school books. Raman promises Manu that he will get the wedding called off. 


This month on Mehek, Kanta shows her concern for Mehek and Shaurya's marriage as Mehek finds it difficult to look past what Shaurya has done. Shaurya blames his mother's dire condition on Mehek and Mehek is persistent on helping Karuna recover.  Eddie tries to help Leleti clear her name on the fraud charges. Mehek takes the fall for Karuna's worsened condition. Leleti contemplates closing down her online business after her ordeal with the fraud accusations. Mehek has to choose between her own family and her husband. 

King of Hearts

This month on King of Hearts, Rajveer continues creating situations to break Roshni and Sid's relationship. Roshni decides to accept Yash’s wedding proposal. The two go on with the engagement without Sid agreeing to the divorce.  Simran tricks Sid into signing the divorce papers without his knowledge. Roshni is devastated when she received the signed divorce paper. Roshni received a video showing Sid talking about using her. She immediately regrets the night she had spent with Sid.