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At present the hardware components in the PVR required to support both HD and Dual View are either not available or are so expensive that they would increase the price of the PVR to such an extent it would be out of reach of the average subscriber. So for at least the next 2 years and probably longer, a dual view HD PVR will not be made available by MultiChoice Africa. XtraView is able to offer HD PVR customers multiple viewing environments in a very cost effective way. Please visit www.dstv.com or eazy.dstv.com to see full information on XtraView, including the options available to HD PVR customers.

HD channels are available on all bouquets not on Premium only. The number of HD channels differs, with DStv Premium having the most HD channels going down to DStv Access with the least HD channels.

If the decoder becomes faulty within 60 days of purchase, please return it to the point of purchase for a replacement. Please remember to take the proof of purchase with you. MultiChoice also offers a carry-in repair warranty that is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. (Please see the Product Warranty in the HD PVR Viewer’s Guide for more information).

When you schedule a recording, the HD PVR automatically adds 3 minutes to the beginning and 10 minutes to the end of the recording (as long as these extensions don’t clash with other existing recordings).You can change the default setting. To do this - press MENU, select Personalise, Edit Option 4.The new setting will only take effect on recordings scheduled after you made the change, ie. recordings already scheduled retain the previous safety net settings."

Yes, the HD PVR does have a 2 hour buffer which is retained even when you view a recording; however the buffer is not retained when you change channels. This will change in the future.

A new smartcard will be required for when the XtraView combination is deployed later this Year. Until then, you can continue using the current smartcard in the PVR.

We recommend you keep your 1110 and link it to the HD PVR using XtraView(1) - allowing access to two different channels on two different TVs at the same time, whilst simultaneously recording two other channels! PVR functionality, the HD Channel (including widescreen with Dolby digital) will be available in one environment, whilst Interactive services (including TV Guide) will be available in both. The HD PVR Favourite Channels feature will be available in one environment, while the useful Title Search feature is available in the other. You can even have different Parental Control settings for each decoder. (1) XtraView is currently available on all packages. (3) MultiChoice recommends the use of a MultiChoice Accredited Installer for all XtraView installations.

SD PVR: View and record SD content.View 2, record 1 channel simultaneously. Record up to 80 hour of SD programming. Pause Live TV for up to 2 hours. Rewind Live TV up to 2 hours. The buffer is cleared when you view a recording. i-Plate displays information for the next 3 programmes. Slow Motion playbackFull TV Guide (including searches). No Favourite Channels functionality. Trip over unwanted or unavailable channels when channel surfing. DStv on Demand (VOD) – launched 1 August. Subtitles. Full interactive services (example : SuperSport Active, News24, Weather24) on TV1.Multi Unit Dwelling installation support. NO SaTCR (satellite channel router) support. XtraView capable (can only be paired with HD PVRs and only as secondary decoder). 2 LNB inputs. HD PVR: View and record SD and HD content, View 1, record 2 channels simultaneously, Record up to 150 hours of SD programming (if recording only HD content, you can record up to 50 hours), Pause Live TV for up to 2 hours, Rewind Live TV up to 2 hours or up to previous channel change, The buffer is not cleared when you view a recording. i-Plate displays information for the next 24 hours of programmingSlow Motion playback, Personalised TV Guide (no searches), Full Favourite Channels functionality, Create your own personalised bouquet with only your favourite channels, Not available (1), Subtitles not available at launch (2), SuperSport Active available now. Other interactive services will follow soon (3), NO support for Multi Unit Dwelling installations (2), SaTCR (satellite channel router) support, Fully XtraView capable.4 LNB inputs.

You can reset to factory defaults as follows :

  • Press the DStv button on the remote
  • Scroll to Settings
  • Then to System Settings
  • Select Reset Decoder Setting
  • Select Reset to Factory Default

The HD PVR allows you to view one channel, while recording two other channels simultaneously. Plus : Record 150 hours of Standard Definition TV (almost double the SD PVR) or 50 hours of HD TV . Pause live TV programming . Rewind programming, Fast forward and slow-motion programming you have recorded, Access a 24 hour i-Plate , Surround Sound capability, XtraView capability. The HD PVR also introduces a "Favourite Channels. If you select your favourite channels, you get : A personalised TV Guide, listing the schedules for just those channels. A personalised viewing environment (like the current bouquets on other decoders) which includes only your selected channels. This means when “surfing” through the channels, you only see the channels you have selected, so no more hopping over unwanted or unavailable channels. A Favourite Channels Grid – similar to the existing channel grid, but listing only the channels you selected, making it easier to tune between channels.

HD (High Definition) is a digital television broadcasting system with higher resolution than traditional Standard Definition (SD) television systems.Instead of using the conventional 625 lines (of which only 576 lines are actually visible) to plot a TV picture, HD uses 720 or 1080 lines. In addition, the pixels in each of those lines are smaller and closer together, resulting in hugely improved picture quality, clarity and colour definition. HD also uses more colours, increasing the richness and intensity of everything you watch. Most HD programmes and movies utilize the widescreen 16:9 format and are also created with cinema-style surround sound, which you can experience in full with a compatible surround sound system. It’s the ultimate way to watch your favourite movies, series and sporting events and it delivers so much more!

No, it is not technically possible to upgrade the SD PVR to receive HD signals as the hardware does not have the correct technology to decode the HD signal. The SD PVR can only decode a Standard Definition (SD) signal.

Yes, a 1.8m HDMI cable and audio/video cable are supplied with the HD PVR.

The HD PVR has the following outputs : 1 x HDMI (only source of HD)  1 x set AV (Red, white yellow), 1 x set YPbPr (Component), 1 x RF Out (F-type connector), 1 x SPDIF optical, 1 x SPDIF coaxial, 1 x TV SCART / RGB / S-Video, etc. available via menu options and adaptors (not supplied), The HD PVR has the following inputs: 4 x LNB (F-type), 1 x RF IN (F-type), Power socket (3 pin to figure 8). The following connectors are for future use :1 x eSATA, 2 x USB 2.0, 1 x Ethernet.

An HD “ready” TV is capable of displaying at least 720 lines of resolution and can scale up lower resolution signals plus scale down higher resolution signals to fit the screen. Check the resolution which should be 1280 x 720 or higher. The TV should also have at least 1 HDMI (High Definition media interface) input which is HDCP compliant.

A Full HD or HD Ready TV (HDMI input must be HDCP compliant). HD PVR (connected to the TV via a HDMI cable). HD PVR compliant satellite dish installation (minimum of a twin LNB used in conjunction with a 4-way multiswitch). The HD PVR requires 4 separate inputs from the dish, or a single feed from a SaTCR cable. Relevant DStv subscription. Home Theatre System (optional)".

Check with your nearest MultiChoice office or agent.

LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display. The picture on a LCD screen is subjectively a little more artificial than on a Plasma screen. However, an LCD has superior brightness and the matt screens make them better suited for viewing in daylight or a well-lit room. LCD screens also don’t have a “burn in” problem. LCDs are usually all fully HD TV capable. Plasma screens are perfectly flat. They produce a more natural picture than LCD screens. Their glass screens are more likely to reflect other light sources which may be distracting and the driver electronics need to work harder at high altitudes, so purchase Plasma screens that are specifically designed to cope with high altitudes. All Plasma screens are designed in widescreen. Unlike conventional TVs, they do not use electron beams and are therefore immune to the effects of magnetic fields. This means that you can place speakers close by without compromising the picture quality. Do not purchase cheaper Plasma screens as they tend to be of a lower resolution (852 x 480) and are not capable of displaying proper HD TV.

Not necessarily. Most normal TVs are “HD compatible”, ie. It just means that the TV is capable of displaying a HD signal (albeit in SD resolution). It is advisable to purchase a TV that is either “HD Ready” or “Full HD”. Look for a resolution that is 1280 x 720 or higher and also ensure that the TV has at least one HDMI input that is HDCP compliant."

Although MultiChoice has tested the HD PVR with many of the HD TV brands available in SA, there are many new and imported models available making it impossible to provide an updated & accurate list at all times.If your TV is marketed as HD Ready and does not work with the HD PVR, we suggest that you check the components and / or contact the manufacturer of the TV for assistance.Please remember, the HD TV needs a HDMI input which is HDCP compliant.

Yes, however the content is “downscaled” in resolution and displayed in Standard Definition, ie. the quality will not be the same as if viewed on a HD TV. Please note that without the HD PVR decoder, no HD content is available, regardless of the type of TV you have.

Yes, the 5.1 surround sound is sent through the optical and digital coaxial audio outputs as well.

No. Only the content broadcast in HD on the HD channel can be viewed in HD.Although the HD PVR is capable of up-scaling normal television content, it does not deliver true HD for any channel other than those broadcast in HD. Please remember to correctly connect the HD PVR to your HD TV. MultiChoice recommends the use of a MultiChoice Accredited Installer for all HD PVR installations.Requires correct connection (HDCP compliant HDMI) between the HD PVR and HD receiver."Resolution is how much detail you can see on a screen. Today, the two HD resolutions available for broadcast are :720 x 1280, progressive scanning, 50 frames per second (720p50) , 1080 x 1920, interlaced scanning, 25 frames per second (1080i25).,mThe standard for the MultiChoice Africa broadcast of HD content is 720p50, however, MultiChoice Africa may from time to time broadcast in 1080i25. At normal viewing distances, displays smaller than 127cm (50”) do not generally benefit from a horizontal resolution higher than 720. The progressive scanning characteristic of 720p has a significant advantage over interlaced for fast moving content like sport ie. smoothness of fast motion. Progressive scanning with 1080 horizontal lines (1080p) is currently not available for broadcasting.

No, the HD PVR uses a different protocol. A new remote control (with batteries) is supplied with the HD PVR. Your HD PVR remote control does however work on the SD PVR.

The hard drive allows you to record up to 150 hours of Standard Definition TV (almost double the SD PVR capacity) or up to 50 hours of HD TV.

The technology for a dual view HD PVR is not yet available at a cost which would make this product commercially viable. XtraView takes care of the second and in some cases, third viewing environment at no additional subscription to what you currently pay for on the Dual View decoder or SD PVR.

The HD PVR does not currently support series recording. This feature is on the roadmap but no dates have been committed to at this point. We finished exhaustive BETA testing of the series recording feature on the SD PVR earlier in 2008 and the results of that need to be worked into a revised solution.

Yes, any of the HD PVR models can be used as a single view decoder.