DStv Thanks is a rewards program aimed at rewarding and thanking DStv customers for their continuous loyalty and support for the brand.

MultiChoice constantly looks for ways to improve and to create more value for our customers - the rewards programme is one of the ways the company seeks to reward and show appreciation to DStv customers for their continuous loyalty and support for our business.

All active DStv Access, Family, Compact, Compact+ and Premium customers who pay their subscriptions on time – or before their due date - are eligible for discounts on different product categories, such as flights, electronics, fast food, cinema tickets, and groceries. On top of monthly deals, customers that pay on time have access to a one-week Sport upgrade (Access and Family customers get to enjoy one week of Compact Sport, Compact and Compact+ customers get to enjoy one week of Premium sport).

No – should you qualify for the rewards, you will be eligible for all the discounts available to your package.

The rewards have been allocated according to the packages tier customers are on. The higher the package, the greater the discount offer (E.g.: DStv Premium, Compact+ and Compact customers will get higher-cost rewards like Emirates discounts while Family & Access will be rewarded with discounts to cinema tickets, groceries, etc.)

You simply need to upgrade to Premium, Compact+ and Compact and keep paying on time to be eligible for the discount.

Benefit Partners differ per country, based on what's available in-country and which brands and/or organisations have partnered with MultiChoice to offer rewards to our customers. Based on your valued feedback, we are constantly seeking opportunities to evolve our program to add value to all our customers, there will continuously be new exciting benefits coming your way. Keep an eye on our website for more information.

Unfortunately, once you disconnect or miss a payment before your due date, you will no longer be eligible to receive the new rewards with external partners. You will need to reconnect and pay on time to enjoy again the rewards of DStv Thanks. 

You will not be allocated any rewards if you do not meet the pay on time requirement. DStv Customers will need to be connected and pay their active subscription on time before the next due date for them to be rewarded with access to the rewards. If you have vouchers from a previous month for meeting the requirement, they may still work if they are still valid. Check if your vouchers are still valid online by visiting dstvafrica.com/thanks.

Eligible customers receive an SMS – within 48 hours from payment date - to notify them to log in on dstvafrica.com/thanks to access their rewards. Please make sure to update your contact details on your DStv account, so that we can contact once you qualify for a reward.

Each voucher will be valid for a specific period (usually 31 days) based on the agreement with the Benefit Provider. This information will be available on the T's and C's on the voucher. You can check the T's and C's on the DStv Thanks website.

Whichever smartcard number a customer has registered, and it meets the criteria for the discount voucher benefit, will receive it. Therefore, if the customer has multiple smartcards registered under their name and they qualify to receive the discount benefit on more than one smartcard – they will receive multiple rewards.

No, unfortunately not, redemptions are limited to one voucher per transaction.

Please use the following options to get the necessary assistance:

  • Contact the MultiChoice call centre
  • Contact a local DStv agent
  • Visit your nearest MultiChoice branch

Please check that the voucher is valid, details of expiry date should have been communicated in the T's and C's of the voucher. If the voucher is still valid, please phone our contact centre for further assistance. The customer centre agent/representative will also verify if your voucher is valid.

Yes, you may give your voucher to another person, but remember that each voucher is for single use only.