DStv Thanks

Pay your DStv account on time to qualify. Available to all ACTIVE DStv Premium, Compact+, Compact & Access customers


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Frequently Asked Questions

 Everything you need to know about DStv Thanks! 

A selection system will be used to identify eligible customers and they will automatically receive the extra sport once the account has been paid on time. There will be no SMS sent as notification.

Rewards should be allocated within three (3) working days after payment. If you qualify and the sports channels have still not been activated after this time, you can get the necessary assistance from the MultiChoice call centre, your local DStv agent, or your nearest MultiChoice branch.

Yes, we’re constantly looking for ways to show our appreciation to our loyal customers for their continuous support. This means that the rewards may change from time to time and there will be other exciting rewards and benefits to come in the future!

Any future rewards and benefits information will be shared on this page

Just remember to pay your DStv subscription on time every month and you’ll get the extra sport on your TV without even lifting a finger. You will have access to the one week of extra sport every month for as long as you remain connected. That’s all there is to it!

The extra sports channels will be available to you for ONE week from the day your benefit is activated. This is not a calendar week so it will be automatically available for ONLY seven (7) days from the day your benefit is activated, after payment has been made.

Once you disconnect or miss a payment, you will no longer be eligible to receive the extra sport. You will need to reconnect and pay the active subscription before the next due date to enjoy the one week of extra sport.