Keep the Kids Entertained this June

Wondering how to keep the kids busy with exciting children's programs? Well look no further than Boomerang. With Boomerang this June, the kids will always be entertained.



Oh Mr. Magoo – you’ve done it again!

Everything is perfectly imperfect in Mr. Magoo’s universe, for this short-sighted old man, perception is everything! Nothing is as it appears in this little town with a dog mistaken for a feline and an imposter for a neighbour, what could go possibly go wrong? A little bit of chaos from Mr. Fizz and his henchman and Mr. Magoo’s attempt to save the world at every turn can’t hurt, can it? Tune in to Boomerang from Monday, 3 June and find out in the all new episodes.



Uncontrollable, indestructible adventure
Weekends will never be the same again in June when Rabbids Invasion makes its way back to your screen with all new episodes packed with plenty of adventure. The Rabbids take over the jungle and soon the world is faced with an army of crabs? Watch out as this mysterious, ungovernable breed of rabbit-like creatures wrecks their way through the world, making their own rules as they go! Tune in to Boomerang from Monday, 24 June.



Chocolate Spread galore. Some say leaders are born and not made, well, Grizzy certainly feels like he is next in line when the ranger is away. Unfortunately for him, the Lemmings are always one step ahead in their mischievous plans to make Grizzy miserable. One can only imagine what would happen if the Lemmings got a hold of Grizzy’s all-time favourite food: chocolate spread. What will Grizzy do when the Lemmings plan to keep a whole crate of chocolate spread behind his back? Find out in all new episodes on Boomerang from Saturday, 15 June.