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Payments made EASY

We’ve made paying for your DStv account a whole lot easier. 

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Ways to pay

It's easy to make a payment with DStv Self Service. You can pay for your own subscription or pay for someone else. You can even pay from abroad (only for selected countries).

Please enter the details of the person you are paying for and click Verify to check that you are paying for the correct account.






Bank Payments

Have your DStv Smartcard number with you.

At home leave the decoder connected with the Smartcard inserted correctly

Always keep the receipt sent to you by the bank assistant as proof of payment.

You can make the payment at the following banks:

  • Sun Bank
  • BCI
  • Bai Bank
  • BNI 

Debit Order

Paying your DStv subscription via debit order is an easy and reliable way to make sure that you are always up to date with your payments and never miss any of your favorite shows.

Direct Debit

1. Complete an application form available at the counter or reception.

2. Effective One Month from the date of application.

3. The actual debits are done on the first day of every month.

4. Instructions revoked in writing only.

5. Currency accepted in AOA



Scratch Card Voucher:

DStv recharge is available at DStv stores and agents to be able to process payment via online or SMS, right from your home at your convenience.